Duck Duck GOOSE Flour Sack Towel

Duck Duck GOOSE Flour Sack Towel

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This towel is a play on the Minnesota claim that it is Duck Duck Gray Duck and NOT Duck Duck Goose unlike our state neighbors.  Well we finally have a towel for those that have to live in the state that does it wrong.  Enjoy this masked gray duck towel in your home - which is sure to cause all sorts of controversial debates with guests.

These towels are handcrafted in the USA with stitching on all four sides.  They are highly absorbent and quick drying all while maintaining an old fashion feel with a modern look.  Because of the individual manual process, towels may have slight imperfections like gentle wrinkles, slight variations in size and occasional dark fibers in the weave.
•    Three-color image is approximately 10” x 8” in the lower right corner
•    Flour sack towel is 100% cotton with approximate dimensions of 36” x 32”
•    Packaged with four color wrap around folded towel

While our screen-printing process is professional grade, we recommend the following:
•    No bleach
•    Gentle wash cycle
•    Tumble dry on low or air dry

However, we have washed them on hot with bleach and dried in a regular heat cycle with little to no alterations to the images.

All items should ship within 5 business days.  If it will take longer, we will let you know right away.